The Ingmos kennel was named in 1967. The name is made from Mr. and Mrs. Iletorp´s first names Ingemar and Mona. Both Mona and Ingemar have grown up around dogs.

Mona bought her first Labrador 1960. She paid for it with a Cockers Spaniel, which was the breed she bred at that time. She bred her first litter of Labradors 1962 under her mother, Marianne Fürst-Danielson´s kennel name Jidjis. Mona bought her first Cocker Spaniel 1955.

After my mother death 2010, I have had the kennel on my own.

Ingmos kennel has been rewarded with the Swedish Kennel Club´s (SKK) Breeding Prize for Working dogs.

Several Champions has been owned and bred.

  Mona, as a child, with here own cocker


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