Ingmos Salice

4,5 år     1 year



Born: June 15, 2008 | Född: 15 juni 2008
Hips: B-B
Elbows: 0-0
Eyes: clear (28/1 2012)

ED: 0-0
Ögon: ua (28/1 2012)

Optigen:  Normal/Clear by heritage | Optigen:   Hereditärt Normal/Clear
B.O.S puppy
at the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Clubs Dog Show
| BIM valp
på SSRK utställning
second winner junior class
with champion quality
at LRK's Club Show
| 1 jkl 2 jkk CK
på LRKs Club Show
winner of junior class
with champion quality
   at SKK´s Dog Show.
| 1 jkl 1 jkk CK
på SKKs
winner of intermediate class
with prize of honour
   at SKK´s International Dog Show.
| 1 unkl 1 unkk HP
på SKKs Internationella
1 prize open class in tracking | 1:a  öppenklass viltspår

"Lovely clean outline, well balanced head with good eye shape and neat ear, strong neck and shoulder, deep rib, good angulations, moved freely"
Joyce Brabban, GB, 2009-06-06
kull V kull Z

Ägare: Malin Davidsson

Tjotte's Lover Under Cover 
Ch Lubberline Pumpernickle                 Ch ClubHunt Clayview Brown Derby               
Lubberline Chocolate Factory                          
SShCh Tjottes New Years Cheers  WWW-08 SV-08 SV-07 NV-06 SV-01 NCh.SShCh
Tjottes Broken Arrow                                      
SShCh Mallorns Mums Mums                         
Ingmos Ornellaia                  IntCh NordCh SCh NCh DkCh
Ingmos Emilio Moro
 IntCh SCh DkCh KbhV98 
Melicmark Black Moon Rising                          
Ingmos Blossom Hill                                         
Ingmos  Inzolia Nadaria                   NCh Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway           
Ingmos Dona Isabella                                       


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1 year old




  7 month7 month   4 month
  7 month old    4 month old 
  10 weeks old10 weeks old   6 weeks old6 weeks old
  10 weeks old   6 weeks old 




Siblings (born: 15.6.2008) / Kullsyskon 
Name sex / kön Hips / HD Elbows / AD  
Ingmos Saam Mountain dog A-A 0-0 1/1 jun.kk HP
Ingmos South Atlantic dog A-A 0-0 CK, res BH
Ingmos Saint Emilion dog      
Ingmos Select dog A-A 0-0  
Ingmos Serego dog A-A 0-0  
Ingmos Secastilla bitch A-A 0-0  
Ingmos Sunrise bitch A-A 0-0  
Ingmos Salice bitch B-B 0-0 CK
Ingmos Sacha bitch B-B 0-0  

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